Major Change

  • Replace RCurl with httr to Fix Issue with Running on Windows


Important Note 1: This version is backward compatible. You can use it with previous version of GRAPLEr, v3.1.1.

Important Note 2: The default submission URL is If you are setting the submission URL manually, remember to use it with https, not http. Otherwise, you will get an error after running the experiment.

Update to GRAPLEr 3.1.2

In RStudio on your machine, run:


This will install the latest version of GRAPLEr on your machine and replace the old version, if that exists. To make sure it has updated to v3.1.2, run:


The output should be:

[1] ‘3.1.2’

Download Release

GRAPLEr v3.1.2

Any Problem?

Contact technical support.